Are you getting my letters?
Did you make some new friends?

I try not to envy you
Those days have come to an end

I find myself up here
When it rains and thunders

Punishing thoughts
When I clear the vapor from the window
I often wonder

Is it worth the time?
You’re dwelling on someone who took
The bus to camp, he’s still gone.
You didn’t say goodbye
You didn’t get the chance

Do you have any new drawings?
Is your hair getting long?

I try not to envy you
I was told envy is wrong

And I argue with myself
Couldn’t you be a little kinder

Punishing thoughts
When I have the time to think it over
Bring on the reminder

Forget about the boy
He is long gone now

And when you are dying to go back
Don’t forget why you had to leave him there.
Sacrifice today.
See what tomorrow brings
When you’re calling his name, don’t count on an answer
He’s back waiting by the bridge on the tire swing.


from Don't Be A Hero, released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Evan Lyle Jensen Lake Preston, South Dakota

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