Don't Be A Hero

by Evan Lyle Jensen

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All proceeds of this album will go to Evan's Family.


released January 27, 2017

All songs written and performed by Evan Lyle Jensen

Produced, recorded and mixed by Ross McEwen
Mastering by Louie Pagan
Album design by Connor Hays

Guitars, Vocals, Auxiliary Devices // Evan Lyle Jensen
Keys // James Horigan
Drums // Elias Vance-Lovasik
Bass Clarinet // Jon Davis
Flute // Aaron Levin
Cello // Greg Byers
Violin // Alison Keller
Vibraphone // Zach Brawford
Back-up Vocals // Adriene Clifford

Moral support & (in some cases) equipment lending // Jodi and Lynn Jensen, Bo Bodnar, Sam Spalding, Henry Ingber, Orion Faruque, Mark Himley, Apurv Agrawal, Rio Kelemen, Spencer Langenhop, Alex Wright, Brian Laidlaw, Charlie Christenson, David Lewis, Bryan Forrester, Christopher Blood, Joe Mabbott, Chopper Black



all rights reserved


Evan Lyle Jensen Lake Preston, South Dakota

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Track Name: Old Man's Beard
Running through the yard
Kicking gravel at the doors
In the barn and up the ladder
Fearless, of course.

Fifty-pound bales of hay
Too many to count them all.
Boys, birds, and cats all chatter
We were so small.

Stack them up so high
Bodies never sore
Swinging on the rope and soaring
But that was before.

Digging for our toys
Found some money under it all
Went to bed and woke up early.
Now we are so tall.
Track Name: Checkmate
Wine glasses dusted off
Family meeting at the conference table
You would argue, if you were able.

The Parking lot next door is full
“Good for them” you say “they wanted it more”
while you starve for that traffic at your front door.

Invest in something more
What you have is not even close
The best seats are for those who make the most

Get out of our heads

Blue curtains meet again
Only this time, this is for good
You would leave the open sign on, if your wallet could.

Dozer runs in the parking lot now
A black mess of lumber and memory
Another day there, you will never see.

Sell short your neighbor
Or trade them for something, anything,
You can possess, cut out the white collar
Make room for the rest.

Stay out of our heads
Track Name: Junkyard
Lay me down
A Junkyard bed to hide away for years
And to rest my head
I’ll cut my hair and catch my food.
Self-sufficient pride in all I do.

Freedom without currency to own.
Trash to Treasure,
I’ll call you home.

Lay me down
A Junkyard bed. I’ll get to know myself
And all that’s in my head.
Rocking chairs, railroad ties,
Abandoned cars, imagination drives.

I’ll smile without a mobile phone.
Secret Paradise,
I’ll call you home.

I’ll be only who I want to be.
And if it’s just me, then no one can ever leave.
Track Name: Forget
Are you getting my letters?
Did you make some new friends?

I try not to envy you
Those days have come to an end

I find myself up here
When it rains and thunders

Punishing thoughts
When I clear the vapor from the window
I often wonder

Is it worth the time?
You’re dwelling on someone who took
The bus to camp, he’s still gone.
You didn’t say goodbye
You didn’t get the chance

Do you have any new drawings?
Is your hair getting long?

I try not to envy you
I was told envy is wrong

And I argue with myself
Couldn’t you be a little kinder

Punishing thoughts
When I have the time to think it over
Bring on the reminder

Forget about the boy
He is long gone now

And when you are dying to go back
Don’t forget why you had to leave him there.
Sacrifice today.
See what tomorrow brings
When you’re calling his name, don’t count on an answer
He’s back waiting by the bridge on the tire swing.
Track Name: I Saw Myself in the Water
Yes, You.

I Saw You Crying
Don’t think I’m fooled
Can’t feel your tongue?
The sand and the sun
miles and miles
No one.

Discover me this way
Follow your shadow
Do you know who I am?
A stranger to you
For so long you were so sure you knew
Yes. You.

It was the craziest thing
Not an ounce of energy to spare
And I ran so hard

Lone tree still breathing
It came with a pond
I pulled myself there

Split the cat-tails with my hands
The water was so calm
Disclosing a face in awe.

So strange I said to myself
Something I hadn’t seen in a long time
He smiled when I smiled.